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A Legacy of Service and Innovation

Metal Forming Solutions history began when Jerry Herrington got his start in the pipe industry at a very young age. In 1963 he began his journey as a fin shop helper. After several years of hard work and practical application knowledge as a shop worker, he then rose to the role General Manager.

As a hobby project he started J&J Custom Bending – a small cold bending operation with one #2 Pines, his only helper was his high school aged son Jeremy. The HRSG market soon experienced an explosion in growth and the need for a full time development of the Company became evident. Jerry then began switching his focus to bending.

Jeremy then came on board full time in the roll of Operations and Sales. Metal Forming Solutions was incorporated in 1993, with a minimal office and shop employees focusing primarily on the development of cold bending.

In 2001 an opportunity presented itelf to expand our operation into the hot form market.

In 2003 we saw the first 2″ carbon (WPB) 180 degree hot form fittings ship to a major economizer fabricator. The company continued to diversify product offerings from there. We soon moved into a new building, added 4 additional hot form machines, multiple heavy tonnage presses, a sales staff and over 50 shop employees.

We have continued to expand into all markets across the globe all while keeping our customers our #1 priority.

We look forward to working with you.

About Metal Forming Solutions

Metal Forming Solutions manufactures SA234 Butt Weld Fittings to meet ASTM/ASME Specifications; 1″ to 6″ NPS 180, 90 and 45 degree angles in carbon, chrome, stainless and high nickel for OEM fabrication and Energy Markets.

Metal Forming Solutions also provides cold bending of tubing/piping, J-Bends, Crossovers, stub ends, stay bars in the HRSG, heat recovery and convection markets.

Primary Applications & Industries

Energy, Power Generation, Boiler, Boilers, Feedwater Boilers, Waste Heat Boilers, Heaters, Furnace, Heat Exchangers, Fluid Transportation, Fluid Transmission, HVAC, Industrial HVAC, Chemical, Petrochemical, Petrochem, Refining, Pressure Vessel, Gas Distribution, Power-Gen, Piping Industries, Bio-Mass, Ethanol, Renewable Energy, Green Energy, Coal, Coal Fired, Coal Generation, Coal-Gen, Commercial, Structural, Economizer, Super Heater, Marine, Automotive.


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With over thirty years of successful projects, Metal Forming Solutions has built a reputation for innovative solutions and high quality metal works. Our outstanding customer service team goes above and beyond our client’s expectations service and provides uncompromising Integrity with each order.

Metal Forming Solutions is an industry lead in the production of forming solutions and bending services for a various industries with a multitude of applications used worldwide.

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